• Helping people find their way back to God

  • Plan Your Visit

    Don’t want to go alone?


    Or maybe you’ve been a few times but you’d like to ask a few questions or connect with some staff and leaders?


    Schedule your visit now and we will:

    • meet you at the front door
    • introduce you around
    • help you get your kids checked in to Center Kids
    • get your kids a copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible
    • get you a grocery tote filled with some gifts

    So schedule your visit right now. We can’t wait to meet you.


    We'll contact you and arrange to meet you at the front door.


    Okay, you're coming to Center Church this Sunday and we're gonna meet you at the front door.


    You can wear whatever you want, drink coffee in the sanctuary and listen to a Christ-centered message.




    Quail Valley Elementary School

    23757 Canyon Heights Drive,

    Quail Valley, CA

  • Seriously, you're coming to Center Church this Sunday and we can't wait to meet you.

    We won't start until you get here. (Don't make us wait.)

  • The Official Welcome of Center Church

    To all who are weary and need rest.
    To all who mourn and long for comfort.

    To all who feel worthless and wonder if God cares.
    To all who fail and desire strength.
    To all who sin and need a Savior.
    This church opens wide her doors

    with a welcome from Jesus Christ,
    the Ally of His enemies,
    the Defender of the guilty,
    the Justifier of the inexcusable,
    the Friend of sinners.


  • Us in a Minute

    If I were to try to sum up what we hope Center Church to be in one minute, I would say that we are defined by three primary values: Gospel-Centered, Prayer-Saturated and Mission-Minded.


    Gospel-Centered - The gospel, the good news of what Christ accomplished through his life, death and resurrection is the river from which everything we do as a church flows. This gives us our identity, that we are now completely accepted by God never to be rejected on account of Christ. We are now adopted by the Father, loved and delighted in by him because of the gospel. That is the identity we work from and this is something we strive to keep always before us.


    Prayer-Saturated - Because of Christ’s work, we have access to God the Father as his children. We are invited to come before his throne room and draw near to him. As we draw near to him, he promises to draw near to us. And when God comes near, things start to happen.


    Mission-Minded - The gospel sets the foundation for prayer and then prayer sets the foundation for mission (sharing what God has done for us in Christ). As we draw near to God and experience him in ways we never thought possible, it will become impossible for us not to talk about what he is doing. In short, we will help others find their way back to God.


    Pastor Thor



    There are several ways to get connected here at Center Church and these steps are designed for you to take in the manner that is most comfortable for you (in no particular order). You can go as fast or as cautiously as you choose.

    Starbucks with the Pastor

    Get Acquainted

    This is an open invitation, but it's a sincere one. Sit down with me (Pastor Thor) at Starbucks (I'll buy) and let's just get to know each other.


    Get Baptized

    If you have never taken this first step of discipleship regarding your faith in Christ, let's have a conversation about that at Starbucks (see above).

    Center Groups

    Get Connected

    Center Groups are simply groups of people who gather in homes during the week to worship, read the Bible, and pray together. Read more here.


    Personal Discipleship

    Get Equipped

    If you would like personal one-to-one mentoring to grow deeper in your understanding of Jesus, one of our elders will meet with you weekly for six months. Email


    Get Busy

    There are many ways you can serve others here at Center Church from the worship team to children's ministry to greeting, etc. Just ask. We'll find a place for you.


    We’re called Center Church because Jesus said that all the Scriptures testify about Him (Luke 24:27). So everything in the Bible points to who Jesus is and what He has done. This is what we call the gospel. In short, we are a gospel-centered church because that is the focus of Scripture — the person and work of Christ. He is the central story of the Bible. Thus, Center Church, because everything we do springs from the gospel.


    ...other than providing you with free donuts on Sunday mornings? We're simply looking to engage people with the Jesus of the Bible. Not exactly a pithy saying, but there you have it. (Matthew 28:18-20)


    To plant 10 churches of 100 people.


    Our goal is to educate parents in the gospel that parents might educate their children in the gospel. No one will have more influence on your children and their relationship with the Savior than you.

  • We believe that church should be a place that is fun for your children.

    That's why we want their behavior to be fueled by their love for Jesus and not by moralism. We also want our children to feel like they're part of the church body, so we begin every Sunday with all-family worship before the children are dismissed to age-appropriate Sunday School.


    We provide childcare for infants through age 2.


    Center Kid's Sunday School begins from age 3 to age 11. (Register here)


    Children 12 and older are incorporated into our Sunday morning gatherings because we don't want to segregate our children from the larger body. We want them to see Sunday gatherings with every tongue, tribe, people and age as a regular part of their lives.

    Resources for Parents

    Recommended Children's Bible for ages 2 to 4: The Big Picture Story Bible


    Recommended Children's Bible for ages 5 to 9: The Jesus Storybook Bible


    Recommended Children's Bible for ages 10 to 12: The Gospel Story Bible


    A great teaching tool for short family devotions: Small Devotionals Big Beliefs. This is by far the best family devotional I've come across. It's something you can use at dinner time about 3 times each week. The segments are short and packed with doctrinal truth made easy.


    Register Your Little One(s) for Sunday School

    We welcome large families... and small families and single mothers and tall kids and skinny kids and kids who climb on rocks, tough kids and gentle kids, even kids with chickenpox, etc. (You'll have to watch this Armour Hot Dog commercial from 1967 to understand the context of these references.)

    10 Lessons on Parenting Little Ones

    by Tim Challis


    My youngest child is about to turn 10 years old and will soon be joining her two siblings in the double digits. This means that Aileen and I have graduated—we have graduated from parenting little ones to parenting big ones. Lots of parenting remains, of course, but the little years are now in the past. These little years have been the best and the worst years, the easiest and the hardest. They have been full of both joys and tremendous difficulties.

  • Children's Ministry Registration

    Your child + Jesus = awesome.

  • Center Groups

    Be part of a community! Center Groups are simply groups of people who gather in homes to worship, read the Bible, pray, enjoy gospel-centered discussion, and eat some snacks. These groups consist of seasoned believers, newer believers who are learning to live on mission, and those not yet convinced of the truth of the gospel.


    The first session of groups began in September and lasted for 12 weeks. Our next session of Center Groups begins February 18, 2018 and goes for 5 weeks.

    SUNDAY (with childcare)

    (Weekly for 5 weeks) 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. @ 23689 Cruise Circle Drive, Canyon Lake

    If you have children, they are dropped off @ 29467 Vacation Drive, Canyon Lake for interactive child care while the parents attend group.


    Subject: Our small group discussion will follow the Echoes of the Reformation study guide.


    Duration: 5 weeks (beginning February 18, 2018)


    For info: Daniel Cleary




    (Weekly for 5 weeks) 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. @ 31925 Birchwood Dr., Lake Elsinore


    Subject: Our small group discussion will follow the Echoes of the Reformation study guide.


    Duration: 5 weeks (beginning February 19, 2018)


    For info: Steve Adler



    TUESDAY (during the day)

    (Weekly for 5 weeks) 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. @ 30431 Harbor Circle, Canyon Lake


    Subject: Our small group discussion will follow the Echoes of the Reformation study guide.


    Duration: 5 weeks (beginning February 20, 2018)


    For info: Robbin Bouslog



    TUESDAY (evening)

    (Weekly for 5 weeks) 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. @ 25345 Forest Wood Circle, Menifee


    Subject: Our small group discussion will follow the Echoes of the Reformation study guide.


    Duration: 5 weeks (beginning February 20, 2018)


    For info: Glenn Eide


  • Our Messages








    "For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth..." Ain't that the truth!

    Thor Ramsey

    Lead Pastor

    I have always been convinced that most comedians are just preachers who haven't answered their call, so after 20-years as a full-time standup comedian, I answered the call and helped plant Emmaus Church (you win a Christian maturity ribbon if you can pronounce Emmaus) in Redlands, California, which is now eight-years old and going strong. Then I was a teaching pastor at Canyon Lake Community Church for four-years and have now ventured back into church planting as the lead pastor of Center Church. (You get nothing if you can pronounce that, except the satisfaction of being hooked on phonics.) We celebrated our one-year anniversary Easter of 2017.


    Westminster Seminary California allowed me onto their campus even though I baptize grownups. That seminary and its professors have been formative in my life. But not as much as my wife who I have been married to for 24 years. As a couple, we are both advocates of orphan care, having adopted Kate when she was 11 days old. That's me in that selfie with my wife Dinika, our daughter Eden (17), and our daughter Kate (8). I guess it's not a selfie after all. It's an us-ie.



    Kourtney Pefley

    Children's Ministry Director

    Kourtney's college degree is in early childhood development where she graduated from Vanguard University in 2015. She has one rule when it comes to children's ministry --- that the kids want to come back the next Sunday. Her goal in children's ministry is the same goal as the rest of the church and that is new beginnings and deeper walks. She wants children to meet Jesus through their understanding of the gospel and then she wants them to grow deeper in their understanding of the gospel. And she does it in such a way that the kids actually want to come back to church.


    Kourtney has been married to David since March of 2004 and they have three of the most well-behaved young boys that I have ever met. That speaks volumes about her effectiveness as our Children's Ministry Director, because one of the biblical qualifications for church leadership is managing your own home effectively. (No pressure.) By the grace of God, she and David are doing this superbly.


    In the selfie above --  Kourtney is pictured with her husband David and their boys Caleb (7), Ryan (5), and Brandon (3).



    Steve Adler

    Worship Leader

    Steve Adler is a consummate rocker, as in rock n’ roll back when it was rock n’ roll and not whatever it is now. Techno. Exactly. Tech? No. The first rock concert Steve attended was KISS in 1979 and yes, he was in full makeup. Thankfully for us, he has left face-painting behind and leads the worship team at Center Church.


    Steve brings his passion for the Lord into the sanctuary and with every note of his guitar. If there is an instrument, whatever it may be, Steven can probably play it, even the ukulele. He started playing music at 11-years of age, was awarded a gold medal at an international music festival with a jazz ensemble in 1984. He is a first class bass player, but his skills go far beyond his instrument of preference. This is why one of his great gifts is in developing other musicians and singers into worshippers who sing to the Lord with their whole heart and on key. Praise the Lord.


    Steve has been married to Tammy (who was such a good sport for this selfie which came without warning) for 26 years in October. They have three children, one in college (Dave, 21, studying psychology at Cal State Long Beach), one who just graduated college (Michaela, 22, BS in geology from Cal State Fullerton) and Sam (17) who's still at home.

  • Our Elders

    After a year of meeting weekly (except on occasion) to study John Frame's Systematic Theology and to discuss and pray over insights and questions, our elder candidates were confirmed by unanimous congregational vote. We continue to meet to study the Bible and pray, because in order to lead we must not only know God's heart (the Bible), we must have God's heart (prayer). And that is the focus of our elder meetings. That is the place from which we lead.

    Daniel Cleary


    Daniel is a professor at Martin Luther King Jr. in Riverside, California. He has been married to Jenny for 17 years and they have two lovely little girls, Julia and Charlotte. Daniel also serves as church treasurer. His wife Jenny works for River Springs Charter Schools as an Educational Specialist where she works with homeschooling families.

    Steve Adler


    The complete Steve Adler bio can be found above (as our worship leader), but Steve has also felt the Lord challenging him to deeper waters, so he also became an elder at Center Church and heads up our Angel Tree outreach. Steve's wife Tammy works for Walden Family Services, an adoption and foster agency, as a nurse.

    Michael Curcie


    Michael is the product development manager for Sullivan Solar Power. He has been married to Val for 10 years and they have two active boys, Logan and Gavin and one active girl, Madison. Val is an executive for Monster Energy Drinks. Michael and Val will soon be our new Children's Ministry Directors as Kourtney and her family are moving to the Carolinas sometime in the fall.

    Rigo Tovilla Jr.

    Elder Candidate

    Rigo and his family (wife, Vel, and kids Kaylin, Tiago, David and Paulo) have become part of our Center Church family as Rigo is being groomed as our first church planter out of Center Church. He and his family will start another church in the next two or three years in another community, city or country. Vel is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools their four children.


    When we give to church, we see a tangible result — people’s lives changed. Here is a great stat for you to think about. 100% of the money you invest in God through a local church is yours to keep forever! You don’t get to keep the burger, coffee, or car, but when you give to a church, your investment is into people that God is doing a work in. Thank you for answering the call to contribute to God's work in the people here at Center Church.

  • Annual Report 2016

    You can download our Center Church Annual Report

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    We currently support a church plant in San Bernardino. 10% of our monthly tithes goes toward church planting. 5% goes to the Emmaus San Bernardino church plant and 5% is set aside for a future church plant out of Center Church.
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