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Apologetic Moments #21: "Religion has nothing to offer me."

by Thor Ramsey

"Religion has nothing to offer me."

This is actually a true statement, so when someone who doesn't subscribe to historic Christianity says it, just agree with him.

"You're right. Religion has nothing to offer you."

Sometimes things are so obvious they make us slap our foreheads.

"You're right. Christianity doesn't offer you anything. Christianity offers you a Person, Jesus Christ."

I fear that in our conversations with unbelievers we can revel so much in the abstract and theoretical and theological that we may not actually sound like we know a Person, the risen Christ, the Bright and Morning Star.

If you find that is the case with yourself, then pray David's prayer: "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation." God doesn't want us dry and technical in our language about the Lord Jesus Christ. He doesn't want us in a dry and weary land where there is no water. He will refresh your soul. Just ask Him.

Because that's what we need to speak about Jesus -- souls filled with Living water rather than conjecture.

God will take you as a dimly burning wick and make you shine as bright as the morning sun. He will water you that you may bear fruit because He has fruit planned for you to bear. God has better things in store for you than you could plan for yourself. He will not sprinkle you with grace. He will drench you in grace. He will flood you with assurances that you can trust Him.

Now, if that all sounds a little too positive and hopeful, then you really do need to pray: "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation."

So, yes, religion has nothing to offer anyone. But Jesus Christ offers Himself to us and then becomes everything to us -- our light and life and wisdom, etc.


And that's who we need to talk about -- the Christ we know.

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