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Eight Reasons in Favor of the New Location

by Thor Ramsey

If you happen to have missed our All Church Meeting this last Thursday (great attendance, by the way), below you'll find eight of the reasons we discussed for changing our Sunday service location from Quail Valley Elementary to Taawila Elementary beginning October 6.

Everyone in attendance was completely unified after the discussion. (At least we appeared to be, so I'll just take it at face value.)

And the Eight Reasons in favor of the location change are:

  1. Taawila is more centrally located. It's 6-minutes from Canyon Lake, 6-minutes from Quail Valley and much closer to anyone coming from Menifee.
  2. Because it’s more centrally located, this makes for easier invites when asking someone to come to church.
  3. Taawila is surrounded by more new homes in the community and therefore families who might be looking for a church home.
  4. It’s a no-change change — because Taawila's floor plan is identical to the floor plan at QVE, when we walk-in after set-up it will almost feel like the same place.
  5. There is a group of parents and pastors who pray for Taawila and the students every Wednesday morning at the flagpole that we can join in with right away.
  6. This move won’t effect the Food Ministry at Quail Valley Elementary.
  7. This location requires less signage stops. (If you're familiar with all the signage issues we've had while at QVE then you'll know that's good news.)
  8. During our elder's meeting the week before, Steve Adler mentioned that eight is the biblical number for new beginnings. For those of us who are refreshed by changes like this, this could be a momentum builder for some.

Dan Cleary reminded everyone that this hasn't been a rash decision, but we've been praying about this for over a year. We actually started praying about this possibility in July of 2018.

One thing to keep in prayer about this move: Ask the Lord to give Tom Lowe favor with the Menifee Union School District so that operations will schedule him as the person who opens the doors for us on Sundays at Taawila! (The Lord answered our prayers -- Tom has been given word that he's our man!)

If you have any questions or need clarification about any of these points of discussion, please feel free to ask either Dan Cleary, Steve Adler or myself in person or you can email: 

All in all, we're very excited!

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