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Flabbergasted by Your Generosity

by Thor Ramsey

Tom Nelson grew up poor. So poor in fact, that once as a teenager, he went to a fast food joint with some friends and as he looked over the menu board, he realized he couldn’t afford one thing on the menu. That’s right. Not one thing. He went home and cried himself to sleep that night. He lists that as one of his most painful childhood memories.

Most of us don’t know that kind of poverty. And we are thankful. One of the ways we have shown our thankfulness is by sponsoring the Children of the Nations event at Quail Valley Elementary School, where many children who will participate in the event may currently be experiencing a poverty similar to that of Tom Nelson. Yet, in a fallen world, there are children suffering greater poverty than even they could imagine.

This is why a hand’s on event like Children of the Nations can have such an impact, not only on the lives of the 60,000 children that the meals will feed, but on the lives of the children (and adults) packaging the meals on November 16.

Most of the promised pledges have been received, but there’s still time. Right now, we just have to pay the deposit for the Children of the Nation’s food packaging event. This means you can still bring your pledge this Sunday. And there’s still time to give if you haven’t already. So far, we have received $3700 of the $4400 pledged. As it turns out, the total cost of the event will be $5800, so there’s still time to give.

We don’t nearly discuss it enough, but there is a connection between economics and our faith. Again, I am so thankful for how you’ve responded to this. I met with a local pastor yesterday for some fellowship and encouragement and he was flabbergasted by your generosity.

I am, too!

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