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Honoring Our Friend

by Thor Ramsey

As Paul ends his first letter to the Corinthians, he says of some friends, "For they refreshed my spirit as well as yours. Give recognition to such people."

With that in mind, we wanted to honor Kourtney Pefley who was our Children's Ministry Director for the last two years. Kourtney and her family moved to Fall Brook, so they started attending a church where they live. As we never did get to say an "official" goodbye, let this count as that, remembering the blessings she brought to the families of Center Church.

First, we always appreciated her for being such a great point person. There was never any fear that Kourtney would offend a visiting family (or a regularly attending family, for that matter). She always had a smile and a helpful attitude. She gave a great first impression to visitors.

Second, she cared about what our children were taught. She understood the importance of Christ-centered children's cirriculum.

Third, she always handled difficult situations with the children delicately. When there was an issue, no one came away feeling condemned, either the parents or the children.

Fourth, she wanted our children to experience the application of biblical truth. She organized the Blessing Bags that our children put together during Sunday school and then later distributed to those in need.

Fifth, because of all of the above, we never had to worry about the Children's Ministry. She helped carry a ministry that is vital to church health. And when you don't have to worry about a ministry, it refreshes your spirit.

Sixth, her own family is a blessing. Her boys were always respectful and interacted with everyone from adults to kids their own age.

Seventh, she was intergrel in Center Church even existing. When she approached me and said, "If you plant a church, I'll be your Children's Ministry Director," the Lord provided a major piece of the church planting puzzle through her.

Center Church sends you our blessing. We'll miss you and your family and be forever greatful for the service you gave. Your labor was not in vain. There was a Children's Ministry to handoff because of your service to the Lord.

Thank you, Kourtney!

Your Center Church Family

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