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How To Defeat Powerful Lies

by Thor Ramsey

Martyn Lloyd-Jones used this little phrase: “Believe the bare Word of God.” That is the key to overcoming the powerful lies the enemy brings against the you — believe God and not your own emotional state or any fiery dart the enemy throws at your mind, whether it’s a true accusation or a boldfaced lie.

Believe what God says about you.

Here’s an example. Let’s look at the verse below and see what it says is true about you if you’re a Christian.

1 Corinthians 1:30 

And because of him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption,

First, because of God you are in Christ. That’s where you’ve been placed. That’s your identity now. That’s where you live life from — in Christ. Now, because you are in Christ, these things are true of you.

Jesus is your wisdom. His wisdom is available to you. The wisdom of the gospel. God wants to give you understanding of who you are in Christ. He wants to give you wisdom. He promises to give you wisdom.

Second, in Christ you are righteous before God. You have been placed in Christ, so the perfection holiness of Christ is now yours, because of where you've been placed. You no longer live under the dominion of darkness and sin. Even though it feels like it. Even though you act like it sometimes. Don’t believe it. You are righteous in Christ. Live from that place. Don’t try to live into it. Live from it.

Third, since you’ve been placed in Christ, you have been separated for God’s purposes. You are sanctified, set apart. Every day God has something in mind for you that shows that you are set apart for Him. It may be an opportunity to show that you trust Him and that He can be trusted in light of everything around you that says the opposite.

Finally, and most gloriously, you are redeemed because you are in Christ. Your salvation is assured. Your journey to heaven has begun.

Don’t let powerful lies steal your joy.

You’re in Christ.

Live from there.

Believe the bare Word of God.

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