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Keep Moving Forward!

by Thor Ramsey

Most of us are familiar with Dory’s refrain in Finding Nemo of, “Just keep swimming.” It’s that blindly optimistic Rudy-esque mindset most of us wish we had. But as Christians our optimism should be neither blind nor just a positive refrain. It should be deeply biblical.

The blind man who is sitting by the side of the road that Mark describes in his gospel (Mark 10) is our example of biblically infused optimism. He is blind. As much as our culture wants to deny reality regarding human physicality, being blind is a negative. This blind man knew it. And just like this blind man, you may have some negative circumstances in your life. Or maybe you’re trying to do something for the kingdom, but you are encountering what this blind man encountered — forces telling him not to bother.

When this blind man heard that Jesus was passing, he cried out. But people around him told him not to bother. Maybe there are forces in your life telling you not to bother. Maybe you hear it internally — nothing’s going to change. Maybe you have people saying it to you — don’t get your hopes up. Maybe a book or an article or blog reprimanded you — be realistic about this now. This blind man ignored all of these naysayers and set his faith upon Christ. When everyone else said you can’t, he said, “Christ can!” And he cried out even more.

He didn’t cry out with a mindless “just keep swimming,” he cried out with the conviction that Christ can. His determination to keep moving forward was that Christ can make all the difference in his situation. You should move forward with that same conviction because it is a biblical one. You have the testimony of God himself telling the blind man, “Go your way; your faith has made you well.”

Keep moving forward, because Christ can.

Keep crying out, because Christ can.

Keep looking to Jesus, because He can and He is willing.

Your faith in Him will not go unrecognized.

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