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More Daring, More Expectant, More...

by Thor Ramsey

Do you ever wish you could be more daring? More optimistic maybe? More willing to take risks? I'm not talking about cliff diving or sky diving here. I generally discourage diving of any sort, unless you're diving into a good meal. Then by all means.

I'm talking about your obedience to the Lord. Don't you think the Christian life should have a little more pizazz? A little more dash and vigor? A little more adventure? A little more abundant living?

The word of the day in the church is comfort, not courage. This is why the prosperity gospel is so widely popular, reaching its venom into the average evangelical church in small ways. We want comfort, not courage is one of them. We want doting, not daring. We want pampering, not proclamation.

Comfort not only breeds apathy, but it is actually boring. My wife and I spent two-weeks on the small islands of Cayman on our honeymoon. After the first week in our luxury hotel with every comfort known to pedicured toes, we were ready to go home to the blaring horns and busy streets of Chicago.

Comfort is boring. (Too much comfort, anyway. I speak in hyperbole here to make a point.)

After Jesus has a conversation with the Comfortable Young Ruler, the young guy goes away sad because he is very rich and doesn't want to give up any of his creature comforts to have treasure in heaven. Jesus then tells his disciples that it’s almost impossible for the rich to get to heaven. The disciples naturally ask, “Who can be saved then?”

Okay, that’s the set-up. But here’s the clincher. Here’s the answer Jesus gave that should make us all ask if our lives aren’t just a bit too bland, a little too tame for people who know this God. Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Sure, we love it in songs and on coffee mugs, but how many impossible things have you noticed happening lately? When I read this I can’t help but ask myself, “Shouldn’t I be more hopeful because of this? Shouldn’t I be more optimistic? More daring?”

I’m not suggesting you throw caution to the wind. Not at all. I'm suggesting you throw caution to the Lord.

What step have you been praying about taking? Is there an act you consider too bold to take? Too foolhardy? Maybe you should've offered to pray for that person on the spot last night. Maybe you should have said something about Jesus the other day. Maybe you should invite that neighbor over for dinner after all.

Throw caution to the Lord, because the wind blows wherever it pleases. Be more daring. Be more optimistic. Be more expectant.

Nothing is impossible with God isn’t a sentiment. It’s a fact. It’s a fact that should make us different people.

Daring. Optimistic. Hopeful. Expectant. Courageous.

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