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New Year Bible Reading Plan

by Thor Ramsey

If your home is like ours right now, you're probably still making Christmas preparations, baking cookies for your neighbors, buying last minute gifts, etc. Unless you just started Christmas shopping, then they're right on time gifts.

My wife came home last night with some slide show projector that beams snowflakes onto our house. She said to me, "The box said, 'Buy 2 or more for spectacular results.' So I did."

Now we have two snowflake projectors. We're all set for Christmas!

But as Christmas comes and goes this Sunday, I urge you to plan now for a Bible reading plan to begin the New Year. If you need suggestions, well, it's a good thing you're reading this blog. I just happen to have a couple.

RMM Bible Reading Plan

This Bible reading plan is named after Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843), the Scottish preacher who originated it. This plan takes you through the New Testament and Psalms twice and the Old Testament once during the year.

I used this plan last year and found it refreshing because you read four chapters each day from various parts of the Bible, but still sequentially. It takes about 15-minutes to read four chapters (unless you pause to contemplate and pray... and I have no estimates for that).

There are two ways to follow this plan. One is to grab one of the sheets we've provided at the Welcome Table, which has each daily reading laid out for you. Otherwise, you can download the plan here.

Another great way to read this plan is by purchasing the ESV Daily Reading Bible, which is a Bible formatted with this plan. You can just open it and read the Scripture readings for that day's date. You can buy it here.

The Bible in 90 Days

This one is a little more challenging, but if you can find approximately 30 minutes or so per day, you can read the entire Bible in 3 months. If you've never read the Bible in giant sweeps, you'll be surprised at how this bird's-eye-view elevates the Word.

Again, you can follow this plan by picking up cards we have at the Welcome Table or you can download the plan here. And, of course, there's a Bible for that you can order here.

Other Options

Now, if those two options don't appeal to you, the BibleGateway website has enough plans to overwhelm you. You can be overwhelmed by going here.

The important thing is, pick a plan and go little by little.

If you want to follow a plan with your Center Group for accountability, then talk to some people from your group. If you're not in a group, let us know and we can get you connected to a group of people who want to hold each other accountable for reading the Bible this year.

Now, I have to go... I have cookies to finish.

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