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Streams of Influence

by Thor Ramsey

I'm not woodsy. Even the word "woodsy" doesn't look right to me. It looks like a misspelled word, like looksy, which isn't a word at all. It's just "looks" with a "y" added. So, it's no small surprise that I have never sipped water from a fresh stream in the wilderness. But then again, I'm not Canadian. Growing up in Nebraska, I drank water directly from the kitchen faucet, which I am warned is just as risky these days. I guess cows are no safer than trout.


All that to say, what we drink spiritually matters more than poor camping choices, which is why I have composed a list of various resources that are all good streams of influence regarding the gospel and solid Reformation theology.

At the top of my list is (also available to download as an app), which primarily features thoughtful blogs and helpful book reviews. This is one site I visit almost daily. is another site of solid thinking regarding blogs and other resources about the Christian life. It's heavily influenced by John Piper who wrote a book years ago called Desiring God. I receive a daily email from them that updates me about new articles, etc. is a very down-to-earth website covering questions Christians or nonChristians may have about Christianity. This is a great resource for new Christians or someone who is open to Christ. They skillfully bring theological highbrow thinking down to a blue collar level. It's really accessible.

White Horse Inn (podcast)

The White Horse Inn (named after the pub in Cambridge, England, where the Reformation came to the English-speaking world), is a nationally syndicated radio broadcast featuring regular round-table discussions on faith, culture and apologetics. Hosted by Michael Horton, the White Horse Inn aims each week to equip Christians to "know what they believe and why they believe it."

If you get a regular diet of Christian radio beaming from the car antenna, this show is a welcomed change. (Each episode is 30-minutes.)

The Briefing (daily podcast)

This podcast is "a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview." The only disappointing thing about this podcast to me is that it only runs Monday through Friday. This is not for everyone, but I find Albert Mohler's thinking stimulating. My wife finds it boring.

You can subscribe to this 15-minute podcast here. Or not, if you happen to be my wife.

Here We Stand (daily podcast)

This is a special podcast for the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Great Reformation. Each five-minute podcast highlights a hero of the Reformation.

You can find it here.

Next week I'll highlight some books and speakers.

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