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This Sunday: Limited Seating at Church

by Thor Ramsey

As of yesterday morning, the Riverside County Health Department has by law limited public gatherings to 10 people or less. Practically speaking, this means church this Sunday will have limited seating, but make no mistake about it -- the body of Christ will gather, both physically and online. With the shutdown of all sporting events, if gamblers can still find something to bet on (the weather -- true story) then those who know Christ as their Lord and Savior can still find ways to function as a body of believers in order to worship, pray, hear the Word and celebrate communion.

Here's our plan for Sundays: We will have several locations where people in groups of no more than 10 will gather physically to worship together. (Last Sunday, between those who gathered physically and those who joined us online we had above average attendance as a church!)

We will also livestream from our Facebook page. You can find the link below:

So, 10 people will worship in the same location as last Sunday (our home) and 10 people will gather at Dan and Jenny Cleary's watching the live-stream of the service and partaking of communion together. (We also have other locations pending if needed.)

The children will be in two other rooms and, by law, we're allowed other groups of 10 as long as they are all separated by walls. So, 10 adults will worship in one room and the children will be in two other rooms. (The set-up we already have in our home meets these requirements.)

This also means we will basically have to take reservations for church. (We're like an exclusive restaurant now!) You can text me, letting me know how many in your party and we'll reserve your spots.

So, reserve your spot by emailing or texting me.


Text: (951) 662-9496

See you Sunday Live or Online!

Pastor Thor

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