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Top 10 Posts of 2017

by Thor Ramsey

The year is at an end and with that often come feelings of nostalgia, reflecting on the past year or years, hopefully thinking of how God has blessed us during this time. And hopefully thinking leads to thanking.

If you'd like a springboard to reflection, below you'll find the top ten Center Church posts of 2017 according to how many people engaged them. You will notice that the most popular posts all had to do with our interaction with the students and faculty at Quail Valley Elementary School. Our prayer is that we as a church can be an even greater blessing to the parents, teachers and students in our community in the coming year.

The most surprising article to make the list was "When Life Gets in the Way," simply because I thought it might step on the most toes. I wrote and published it with great trepidation, so I am both pleased and surprised at its reception.


Another article that's reception surprised me was "The Suffering Gospel." Suffering is not just something we'd like to avoid, but it's often a subject we'd like to avoid.

There's no countdown to this list. We start right at number one and work our way down. Click on the photo to read the article.

1. Lunch with 500 Students

2. Flabbergasted by Your Generosity

3. Special Request This Sunday

4. Seeking to Bless Our Community

5. Update on Special Offering

6. Reaching a Goal with Quail Valley Elementary

7. The Suffering Gospel

8. How is Jesus Different Than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?

9. Breakfast Blessing Update

10. When Life Gets in the Way

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